Gewinner Deutschland 2022

Die Gewinner 2022 aus Deutschland stehen fest: Annie Kurz, Christopher Bonk, Karen Runge.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Sie können die schönen Illustrationen unten sehen.

Der Katalog 2022 wird in Kürze verfügbar sein.

The jury (Jutta Bauer, dr. Maria Linsmann, Bettina Herre, dr. Paula Peretti) wrote the following about the winners:

Annie Kurz 

Cobbler, stick to your trade … does this also apply to death? We are dealing here with what is obviously a very enjoyable picture book about death. He no longer wants to be the bad and evil guy. Wanting to break the mould he tries out various things before realising that he is only good as death and also actually needed as such. It could be that the wit and the irony of the story and also the images (i.e. the Dali quote in the artist named Death) will appeal more to adults. So this is an all-age book. In keeping with the story, the illustration style with collage elements is simple, modern and cheeky, leaving any conventional realistic, colourful children’s book style far behind. Very refreshing. (JB)